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31 Reasons Chris Mears Might Actually Be The Hottest Diver In The Entire World

Tom Daley, I'mma let you finish, but Chris Mears is the hottest diver of all time.

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THEORY: Chris Mears, adorable 21-year-old British diver and 2012 Summer Olympics competitor, is actually the Absolute Hottest and Hunkiest Diver In The Entire World, and NOT, as is commonly believed, his good friend and teammate Tom Daley.


1. First of all, Chris has the perfect all-around diver's package.

Al Bello / Getty Images)

2. His thigh game is inarguably twice as strong as the next greatest set of thighs.

3. ESPECIALLY when he's violently whipping them above a diving pool.

Adam Pretty / Getty Images

4. He is committed to the sacred practice of posing shirtless against a white wall and displaying one armpit.

5. Or lying seductively atop a diving board and displaying his armpits.

WINQ magazine / Via

6. Or simply chilling, innocently but shirtlessly, on a couch and displaying an armpit.

7. He's capable of emerging from the ocean with spot-on James Bond suaveness and mystique.

8. His beach handstands are impeccably flaw free.

9. Along with his beach headstands.

10. And everything that's happening here.

11. He looks genuinely adorable in a cap and tank top.

12. Or just a tank top.

13. Or neither of those things.

14. He has incredible taste in pool-side eyewear.

15. He has a little spunky attitude.

16. He's capable of controlling the weather with the sheer power of his Speedo'd body.

17. His hunk game is strong just standing around a dirty kitchen.

18. Or casually strolling about in a shirt covered in bananas and pineapples.

19. Or emerging seductively from the water.

20. Or staring seductively at a jelly-filled doughnut.

21. Or just genuinely seductively existing.

22. He's especially skilled at going all-in during naked hugs.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

23. And also at surrounding himself with generally flawless individuals, like his teammate Jack Laugher.

Lintao Zhang / Getty Images

24. Perhaps most important of all, Chris knows how to flaunt everything.

25. And was especially skilled at sitting naked on this stool for Gay Times magazine.

Gay Times magazine

26. There's also the time he leaned against this wall in his little white underwear.

27. The time he hung out near this pipe in some tiny swim briefs.

28. The time he took off his pants and never put them back on.

Coitus magazine

29. And the time he did everything that's happening here.

30. Basically, Chris Mears is serving it all.

Fiasco magazine / Via

31. While competition is undoubtably tough, his hunk game is strongest.

32. And Chris Mears is therefore without question the Hottest Diver Currently Gracing Our Planet.

Al Bello / Getty Images

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