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    Dinky The Dog Is Officially The Coolest Dog On The Entire Internet


    Click the sound on each Vine to fully experience Dinky's amazing life.

    Meet Dinky the dog, who is officially cooler than any dog you have ever met or will meet.

    Dinky spends his days sippin' margaritas, hangin' with his friends and being an all-around badass.

    Dinky also has sexual intercourse while wearing sunglasses, so you KNOW he's cool.

    He likes to stand around being generally awesome.

    Ride around in his whip.

    And have an adult beverage or two.

    He likes impressing the ladies.

    He has his own crib.

    He's got hose.

    He'll ride right up into the pharmacy. He doesn't care.

    He knows how to show someone a good time.

    And basically he is the baddest dog you will ever encounter in your entire life.

    (And also he makes a mean Indiana Jones, but only when he's not too busy being a badass.)