Chocolate Milkshakes Are The Greatest Drink Ever

In celebration of Chocolate Milkshake Day, of course.

1. This is a chocolate milkshake

2. In case you hadn’t heard, it’s basically the greatest drink ever

3. It’s like milk AND ice cream AND CHOCOLATE

4. Basically a dessert and a drink all in one

5. Look at its bubbly frothiness

6. Look at its decadent chocolate swirls

7. Look at its milky creaminess

(Even Paula Deen loves milkshakes. This is her own malted creation.)

8. Let’s pause and consider how boring vanilla is

Seriously, vanilla. You’re not even trying.

9. And then go right back to chocolate, ‘cause chocolate’s where it’s AT

10. You can customize in SO many ways


11. Throw a little Twix pieces on top

Make this bad boy yourself.

15. Maybe some malt balls?

It’s called a Stoney Chocolate Milkshake. And it’s awesome.

17. Definitely pile on that whipped cream (obvs)

20. There’s NEVER too much whipped cream

21. Maybe mix it up with a little Chocolate Cherry Buttermilk

The Associated Press / AP

And obviously an OREO. (And some other yummy stuff).

22. Embrace the fruit

See, it’s basically a fruit smoothie!

23. Garnish with a delicate banana slice

Who doesn’t love bananas and chocolate?

24. Throw a few sweet red cherries in there

Cherry Chocolate awesomeness.

27. And, of course, flake it with EVEN MORE chocolate

Indulge your chocoholism.

28. Toss on some sprinkles and maybe a few toasted almond slices

(This one’s a Chocolate Lover’s Skinny Milkshake, so you can consume ALL OF IT and still feel awesome.)

30. Some chocolate chips and a bright red cherry

31. Like seriously a milkshake CANNOT GO WRONG

32. Cold drinkable ice cream IS ALWAYS DELICIOUS

33. Toss on a topping

34. Take a delicious sip

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