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21 Cats That Don't Want To Be In Your Stupid Picture

NO. They will NOT say cheese.

1. This cat who would rather be literally anywhere but here right now.

2. This cat who's gettin real tired of snapping selfies for Facebook.

3. This cat who barely even knows this girl and doesn't want to be seen in the same photo together.

4. This cat who is pretty much entirely done with everything.

5. This cat who said TWICE ALREADY that her hair was NOT ready for a picture.

6. This cat who's tired of smiling in these stupid computer selfies.

7. This cat who doesn't want pictures of him and this hipster showing up online.

8. This cat who clearly said "no thanks!" the first five times Jeff asked for a cute picture but he wouldn't take the hint.

9. This cat who was just having a bad day and didn't want to remember it but obviously his friend insisted anyway.

10. This cat who is 500% done with this girl's incessant picture-taking.

11. This cat who thinks her owner's MySpace album is doing just fine right now and that she should just stop.

12. This cat who is on her absolute LAST nerve with this girl.

13. This cat who wants nothing more than to be far, FAR away from this woman.

14. This cat who has had ENOUGH.

15. This cat who might actually be getting felt up.

16. This cat who wanted to be a cow for Halloween, and so NO, SHE'S NOT HAPPY WITH TAKING PICTURES.

17. This cat who thinks this girl's hat is atrocious and she wouldn't be caught dead in a picture with her.

18. This cat who thinks these stupid Facebook profile pictures are too cliché and wishes it would stop.

19. This cat who is trying desperately, DESPERATELY to get away.

20. This cat who thinks, "Oh, hey, maybe we could have gone to Applebee's for my birthday like I suggested instead of staying home, but NO."

21. And pretty much ALL of these cats...

But this guy especially.