Beyoncé Turns Kevin Hart Into A Screaming, Uncontrollable Fangirl

Beyoncé turns everyone* into a screaming, uncontrollable fangirl. But especially Kevin Hart.

1. So Kevin Hart was in the audience of the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour in Los Angeles…

Rob Hoffman / iam.beyonce.com

2. And like anybody in the audience of a Beyoncé show, he saw The Light.

3. This is Kevin Hart receiving the spirit and glory of Beyoncé.

Rob Hoffman / iam.beyonce.com

4. Letting the spirit and glory of Beyoncé flow through his entire being.

5. This is Kevin Hart giving up because the spirit and glory of Beyoncé is far too overwhelming for one small man to handle.

Rob Hoffman / iam.beyonce.com

6. This is Kevin Hart singing into Beyoncé’s microphone and rising from his body, a new man, blessed.

Rob Hoffman / iam.beyonce.com

7. And this is Kevin Hart clutching a towel containing the holy sweat of Beyoncé, a spiritual gift that will change his life forever.

Rob Hoffman / iam.beyonce.com

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