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    21 Animals Who Aren't Even Trying At All

    C'mon, guys. Pick up the effort.

    1. This dog who basically just gave up trying to participate in group activities with these other dogs.

    2. This cat who doesn't even care enough to walk down these stairs anymore.

    3. And this cat who's done trying to even figure out this pillow.

    4. This cat who can't express how little she cares about the dot.

    5. This dog who isn't even trying to figure out how to get to the kitchen.

    6. This squirrel who basically just gave up trying to use this bird feeder the correct way.

    7. This cat who doesn't even want to try to walk anymore.

    8. And this cat who's just barely trying to grab this string.

    9. This dog who clearly wasn't even trying to figure out how a hammock really works.

    10. And this dog who can barely hide the fact that he does not, in any sense, care at all about anything, least of all this ball.

    11. This cat who gave up trying to figure out how to sunbathe on the deck.

    12. And this cat who obviously doesn't care about lying on the counter.

    13. This cat who just flat-out does not give a single care about sitting in this chair the right way.

    14. This horse who is just DONE caring about pretty much everything.

    15. This cat who evidently doesn't care to figure out jumping.

    16. This cat who knows she should probably try... but nah.

    17. This bison who doesn't even care that this trampoline is broken, he's gonna jump here anyway.

    18. This dog who's basically given up trying anything ever again.

    19. This raccoon who doesn't even care that he can't jump to this wall... He's just not even trying.

    20. This dog who's just barely even trying to swim.

    21. And this dog who knows she has to do something about her life... But, like, whatever. She'll try tomorrow.

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