23 Animals Defying Gravity


1. This dog flying toward his hopes and dreams.

2. This dog just grabbing the door.

3. This cat flying away from his troubles to new beginnings.

4. This dog who is maybe Jesus.

5. This dog who is DONE accepting his limits.

6. This pig soaring to new heights.

7. This cat flying for liberty and justice.

8. This brave cat leaving for a better place.

9. This dog making his way downtown.

10. This dog flying into a sprinkler because he’s a grown dog and HE DOES WHAT HE WANTS.

11. This majestic guinea pig gliding to freedom.

12. This proud gay cat flying to equality.

13. This amazing pup soaring like a majestic eagle.

14. This cat who CANNOT be tamed.

Sure, gravity got him eventually. But for a split second, gravity was his bitch.

15. This poodle beating her obstacles.

16. This hovering spy cat on a mission.

17. This dog flying into the ocean.

18. This pup rising against all odds.

19. This flying superhero cat taking down a super villain.

20. This super happy flying stoat.

I don’t know what a stoat is, but HE CAN FLY IF HE BELIEVES.

21. This splendid pug who won’t be pulled down.

22. This rabbit flying towards everything he’s ever hoped for.

23. And wherever this cat is going without his friend.

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