25 Obviously Horrible Things That Will Happen If The Government Stays Shut Down

Among other things, of course.

1. Ball-playing will continue unchecked.

2. Without law and order, children will join gangs of helmetless bikers.

3. People who are NOT in a really good mood will be allowed to sit in this seat.

4. Previously unheard of horrors will start to unfold.

5. People will start eating ice cream sandwiches like this.

6. This man will continue to wreak havoc and bring terror to our land.

7. Colors won’t matter anymore.

8. People will fish where they cannot fish.

9. And swim where they cannot swim.

10. Spoons will take over the fork box.

11. Liquids will be allowed to exist in the no-liquid cabinet.

12. Watermelons will look like this.

13. And apples will look like this.

14. Pizzas will stop playing by the rules.

15. Nobody will be around to stop this pancake syrup from covering these waffles.


17. Students will rise up.

18. People will start taking One A Days THREE TIMES A DAY.

19. Dollar bills basically won’t even matter.

20. It won’t matter which doors people use.

21. People in Pennsylvania won’t be required to smile.

22. This man and child will go unpunished.

23. This penis vandal will continue wreaking havoc.

24. And this dog will continue bringing lawlessness to the countryside.

25. And everybody will park their cars like this.

See First World Anarchists for more unspeakable horrors.

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