A Very Important Thank You Note To David Beckham’s Tailor

You, sir or madam, did a FINE job on these pants.

1. Hello, David Beckham’s tailor. You might know that David wore your wonderful pants to China yesterday and they looked quite splendid on the soccer field.

Petar Kujundzic / Reuters

2. It was a fine pair of pants, truly. A spectacular pair.

Lintao Zhang / Getty Images

3. And yes, they fit him VERY well. VERRRRY WELL.

WANG ZHAO / Getty Images

4. But MOST importantly, I want to thank you, personally, for this…

WANG ZHAO / Getty Images

5. Sure, you had a beautiful piece of cake to work with…

WANG ZHAO / Getty Images

6. But DAYUM. Those are some well fittin’ pants.

ESPECIALLY in action.

7. So thank you, David Beckham’s tailor, whoever you are.

Alexander F. Yuan / AP

8. Thank you for this work of art.

Alexander F. Yuan / AP

9. Thank you.

10. Thank you.

11. Thank you.

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