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47 Of Beyoncé's Absolute Best Dance Moves

If you can do all of them, you are, by the rules of divahood, Beyoncé.

47. The diva twist and shout.

46. The Destiny's Child bust thrust.

45. The "Bootylicious" body shake.

44. The flawless hair twirl.

43. The double stanky leg.

42. The Queen Bey brush.

41. The sensual booty roll.

40. The "Better Than You" hair flip.

39. The desert rumba.

38. The bodacious booty strut.

37. The thigh thrust.

36. The diva starfish.

35. The "Come At Me Bro" hair flip.

34. The Shakira wall roll.

33. The spread eagle.

32. The hunky firework.

31. The ponytail tornado.

30. The "Run The World" shuffle.

29. The body lather.

28. The heel bounce and scuffle.

27. The full body pulse.

26. The angel twirl.

25. The no pants wave.

24. The exotic hip drive.

23. The "End of Time" quake.

22. The shoulder shuffle.

21. The Americana jiggle.

20. The destiny punt.

19. The Powerpoint.

18. The seductive stanky leg.

17. The queen's dougie.

16. The gyrating groin.

15. The power cha cha.

14. The sitting swagger.

13. The "Run This World" drop.

12. The diva earthquake.

11. The fierce head pat.

10. The hip lunge.

9. The "Single Ladies" shuffle.

8. The backward body roll.

7. The booty bend.

6. The forward back body punch.

5. The power booty slap.

4. The vixen shuffle.

3. The goddess turn.

2. The "Put A Ring On It" sashay.

1. The ULTIMATE booty pop.

And, for good measure, whatever is happening here: