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34 People Who Have Infinitely More Swag Than You Ever Will

Don't even try to bring your swag level to their level. Because you will fail.

1. This man who basically can't be bothered with how little swag you have.

2. This woman who's just working with what she's got.

3. This man who's perhaps found the greatest cat swag ever to exist and any swag you have is worthless by comparison.

4. This man whose hair is at a swag level far greater than your hair level will ever reach.

5. And this woman, whose hair is equally impeccable.

6. This man whose face says, "Just you try to fucking stop me."

7. This man who didn't hesitate to turn an everyday object into a piece of fashion so sleek, he can't help but feel better than you.

8. Whoever owns this piece of groundbreaking attire.

9. This dad whose backpack swag is pretty much without flaw.

10. This tough kid who has more swag below the ankles than you have in your entire body.

11. This man who thinks you shouldn't even talk to him unless you can handle his swag.

12. Pretty much anybody who owns a Bedazzler and can use it to this effect:

13. This grandma who has had more swag than you FOR DECADES.

14. This monkey whose confidence is pretty much unbreakable.

15. This straw-sippin' beast.

16. This man who doesn't think you can handle ANY of his swag.

17. This grandpa who's bringing everything he's got to the grocery store.

18. This child whose Beanie Baby collection is BURSTING with more swag than yours.

19. This pigeon woman whose swag is obviously more effective at bringing pigeons to her yard than your swag.

20. This grandpa whose swag game is working 10 times harder than yours.

21. This young thug.

22. The owner of these swag-tastic pants.

23. This man who shouldn't even be looking at you because your level of swag is so far beneath his.

24. This man whose pants can't even handle the amount of swag he's exuding.

25. This Teletubbie who's bringing more swag to the computer lab than you ever will.

26. This chap who's just putting it right out there.

27. The owner of this haircut, which is so swag, you don't even know how swag it actually is.

28. The owner of this haircut, which is actually probably more swag than Drake himself.

29. This beast who has more swag in diapers than you have in your regular clothes.

30. Wonder Woman (obviously).

31. This ginger who is proving that gingers have more swag than pretty much anybody else, but especially more than you.

32. This man who chose the sponge life over you.

33. This little punk who doesn't care if you don't understand him, because he's still got more swag than you EVER will.

34. And Joe Biden.