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30 Times Louis Tomlinson Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction In 2013

So much sass in just one year.

1. When he and his lil beard and lil hair and smile and eyes were on stage looking beautiful like this.

2. When he smiles and his eyes get super big like this.

3. The time he jumped into the hairspray stream like the big, beautiful idiot he is.

4. And then officially admitted his own glaring, adorable stupidity.

5. When he squirted all over the stage.

6. When he led the single greatest booty shaking moment of this century.

7. And then when he officially documented the flawless booty responsible for it all.

8. Literally whenever he gyrates on stage which is basically all the time.

9. When he smiled and shrugged and waved and somewhere, a unicorn got its wings and flew off into a rainbow.

10. When he happily admitted to being the biggest mama's boy.

11. When he leapt into the air like a beautiful, majestic angel.

12. Literally anytime he did the sassy Louis head tilt.

13. When he physically could not comprehend his own perfection and beauty.

14. When he displayed his teeny ankles in all of their glory.

15. When he thrusted like this.

16. And smiled like this.

17. When this picture happened and you could hear the sound of my insides compressing into themselves.

18. Whenever he bounced around during an interview.

19. That time his face looked like the literal definition of perfection.

20. When these two people had to try to compose themselves around him long enough to stick these things in his face holes.

21. Whenever he did literally anything with his face.

22. Like, every single time.

23. When he and his scruff and messy hair looked at one of the other boys while they were singing and you could feel the sexual tension.

24. The time his messy hair started taking over his entire body and it looked kinda gross but also perfect at the same time.

25. When his hair got so long it started curling in the back and it looked like he had a beautiful mullet.

26. When he picked up his sister from school and they skipped along the sidewalk together.

27. When he wore this tank top and the earth physically stopped spinning.

28. When he swore in front of a bunch of children and immediately realized his mistake.

29. Basically anytime he moved his perfect body and butt.

30. And when he looked like an actual perfect, beautiful, adorable model.


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