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    23 Important Life Lessons From "Toddlers & Tiaras"

    Toddler beauty queens basically have life entirely figured out.

    1. Pick life goals that matter.

    2. Indulge yourself in life's finest pleasures.

    3. Always have a plausible plan for the future.

    4. Assert your personal authority.

    5. Radiate with confidence and charm.

    6. Don't let morning people get you down.

    7. Treat yourself.

    8. Let yourself be inspired.

    9. Take frequent naps, no matter the time.

    10. Always strive for Beyoncé status.

    11. Always.

    12. Never listen to the haters.

    13. Pick stimulating hobbies.

    14. Enjoy great cuisine.

    15. But especially bacon.

    16. Give your ambitions a solid deadline.

    17. Respect the people that help you along the way.

    18. Don't fight the flow.

    19. Articulate your priorities.

    20. Dance like a boss.

    21. Don't indulge your enemies.

    22. Aim for the highest in life.

    23. And most importantly, exercise a healthy disdain for Justin Bieber.

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    (Big h/t to Tumblr user octopussoir for creating many of these amazing GIFs.)