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11 Reasons You Have To Vote For Elephants As The Next Big Animal

Animals March Madness has its two final contestants, and Team Elephant needs you to vote.

Look at how far they've come!

Read the case for red pandas.

1. Let's be perfectly honest, elephants are basically cats...

...except, sure, they're bigger and fatter and wrinklier and they have longer noses. But hey, they have a sassy attitude, they can sometimes do tricks, and most importantly, they ARE SO FLUFFY. Look at this elephant's fluffy head and back. I just want to rub a balloon against it. Basically just a cat in an elephant's body.

2. Elephants love to goof around.

If the internet loves anything, it's a good sense of humor. Look at this elephant just goofin' around like one of the guys. What a goof! Welcome to the internet, friend. You'll fit right in.

3. Elephants always enjoy a good boop on the nose.

What are those trunks for if not a good boop right on the nose??? (Except breathing and stuff.) You can practically HEAR this elephant thinking BOOP! as he boops this girl right in the face.


4. Elephants are, like, exceptionally talented.

This elephant is about to SLAM this basketball into a hoop. You know how many humans can slam dunk? Neither do I. But probably not that many. Elephants, though. Elephants can freakin' slam dunk.

BONUS: This elephant kicking this ball with his BACK LEG. What other animal on the internet can do this? Answer: No other animal on the internet.

5. Elephants love a good day out on the beach.

Flickr: spiros2004

Unlike cats, elephants enjoy a good romp around town. Take this elephant, for example. Look at the way he rolls around on the beach, soakin' up the sun. He's having a good time.

BONUS: These baby elephants who THINK they're at the beach but they're actually just in a kid-sized pool. It's OK, baby elephants. You can go to the real beach when you're all grown up.

6. Elephants are actually super-majestic.

Look at this majestic elephant just floppin' around the mud. I mean, he's FLOPPIN' AROUND IN MUD. But look at how majestic he looks while doing so. Any other animal tries floppin' around the mud, they're just gross. But elephants know how to keep things classy and regal.

7. They have adorable, down-to-earth fashion sense.

Kristian Schmidt for WildAid

Elephants aren't fancy folk. They like to look their best. But also, they don't like to spend a lot of money. So they wear cute little shirts to keep themselves warm. Look at this little elephant romp around in his lil' shirt.

Kristian Schmidt for WildAid

8. Sometimes they do embarrassing stuff, and that's what the internet is for.

Look, elephants understand the internet. Fall over a log and you are a viral sensation. This elephant... he gets it. He knew that little booty would steal our hearts. And it did.

9. Elephants are basically just like people.

Look at this elephant throwing a temper tantrum. His mom is probably making him go to his grandma's house for dinner, and he's like, "BUT MOOOOMMM." Just like us. Why would he want to go to his grandma's house when there's all this mud to roll around in? He doesn't. And frankly, neither would I.

10. Always make the absolute best of friends.

This is what elephants are all about: a good cuddle with a great friend. Look at how peaceful these two look. They probably spent the whole day talking mostly about elephant things and then taking a nice nap in each other's arms.

Plus, dogs LOVE elephants. These two are basically inseparable.


Look, he fits right in with the guys.

11. In conclusion: Elephants are the cutest and most talented and friendliest and ALL-AROUND best animal on the internet.

Vote for 'em before they RUN AWAY.

Vote now:

Voting in the poll will gain Elephants one point.

Tweeting with the hashtag #TeamElephants= two points.

Commenting with your own reason to vote for Elephants = three points.

Voting will close Monday morning, when we will crown a champion. May the best animal win!

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