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14 Signs You're House-Hunting In London...

The London Green Party is campaigning for a new housing strategy for London - one that focuses on providing affordable housing for ordinary Londoners, not investment opportunities for rich landlords. You can find out more at

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4. You mistakenly thought a home was for living in. / Via

Err, wrong I'm afraid. Two-thirds of them are sold as assets to property investors who either rent them out at inflated prices or leave them empty so their value increases.

Oh, and they're called things like "Renaissance".

5. You've become such an obsessive penny-pincher...

View this video on YouTube / Via

...that this is too true to be funny.

6. Savings? What savings... / Via

You examine your finances and decide to delay buying for a couple of years in order to save up a bigger deposit. A year of working over time and living off baked beans later...and house prices have risen by £40,000. See ya later hesitater.

8. House viewings are becoming more like cocktail parties / Via

Image courtesy of Creative Commons

You see your perfect place appear on Rightmove. You phone the estate agent only to be told it had 50 inquiries and 5 offers. This morning.

14. You've become so fed-up, you start waving around placards... / Via

The London Green Party is holding a series of demos outside new homes built for investors. The first one takes place on Saturday 15th February outside Mount Pleasant in Islington - once home to the Royal Mail, soon to be the site of 700 super-expensive flats.

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