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    6 Amazingly Unique Places For A Holiday

    I have scoured the world and the world wide web for the most unique holiday spots. From the weird to the wonderful, the crazy to the sublime. These amazing places would all make for a very unique experience.

    Paradise island bungalows above the ocean, Maldives

    W Retreat & Spa / Via

    The Maldives has many amazing resorts, usually with their own private island. W Retreat and Spa is one which stands out because of the way that the accommodations are set out over the water.

    There is nothing like waking up to the gentle sound of water and the reflections from the waters ripples on your ceiling. Awesome for romantic getaways and very popular for honeymooners.

    Luxurious snow cabin in Val d’Isere, France

    Alpine Guru / Via

    Val d’Isere is home to Chalet Marco Polo which sleeps 12 in stunningly beautiful rooms around a pool covered in gold leaf.

    The relaxation area features a cosy fireplace, or you can turn it into a mini nightclub with lazers if you want to get your groove on. If you prefer to watch a movie there is a drop down screen above the pool. Pure opulence and surrounded by snow covered mountains.

    Inside a mini mountain with waterfall, Chile

    Hulio Hulio / Via

    Deep in the Chilean forests you will discover Montaña Mágica Lodge. A truly original creation. This mini mountain structure accurately imitates the real thing, even having it's own waterfall cascading down one side of the hotel.

    The Patagonian Rainforest is a magical place to be and the Montaña Mágica Lodge was inspired by a fairy tale of mountains that grant wishes. The rooms are cosy and you can even visit when it snows.

    Converted lighthouse, Northumberland, UK

    Unique Holiday Cottages / Via

    Imagine staying in your very own lighthouse. Overseeing the coastline, looking out for ships. Well you can at The Ducket, a small converted lighthouse overlooking the lovely coastline of north East England.

    This is just one of the very original options that can be found at Unique Holiday Cottages. They also have a converted train station, gypsy caravans, converted train carriages, castles and a chapel.

    Ice Hotel in Sweedish Lapland

    IceHotel / Via

    The IceHotel in Sweedish Lapland was the first of it's kind. A concept which has really caught on in colder climates. From simple beginnings it has grown to be a world famous phenomenon.

    Nowadays the IceHotel is a fully featured hotel featuring great facilities. There is also a good chance that you will see the Northern Lights on a clear night. The only downside is that the hotel is just open from December to April.

    Underwater Hotel, Fiji

    Karine Roussea / Via

    The Poseidon Resort is an unbelievable underwater hotel. Featuring 5 star luxury and rooms which look like pods from a James Bond film from the outside and futuristic luxury inside.

    Fiji is know for it's amazing scuba diving opportunities around the many islands. When staying at the Poseidon it is as if you are scuba diving 24/7. A scuba divers dream holiday.

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