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    2 Great Christmas Gift Ideas For My Wife 2017

    I decided to make an effort this year, so here are my tips on the best Christmas gift ideas for your wife, girlfriend or other significant half.


    Jizan Perfumes / Via

    An obvious choice but don't get it wrong or she will not be happy. I am pretty clueless about buying perfume, so I looked for a company who can actually advise me what to buy.

    That company is Jizan Perfumes who have an amazing knowledge of their fragrances. I was able to tell them a few of my wife's favorites and some other lifestyle questions, then they made the perfect recommendation for her birthday in December.

    Naturally I am buying perfume for Christmas for my wife this year. You will score extra points if you discover a fragrance they do not know about.


    PhotoBook / Via

    I stumbled across some really cool apps a couple of months ago, such as Photobook. It is so cheap and easy to make a nice little book of your own photos which your wife will cherish.

    They offer free 20 page books and you can select how many images you have per page. There are other apps which offer even more for free. They do charge above average postage, which is where they cover their costs, plus they have extras like making it hardback, which is where they make their money.

    This is an amazing gift as you will need to put a bit of time into it- it can take ages. It is sped up by allowing you to choose photos from your social accounts like Flickr and Facebook and I assume Instagram.

    I use the iOS app but thy also have it on Android. Check a few out. Another option which might be a good Christmas present, not just for your wife, is a personalized calendar for 2018.

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