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    9 Trans People To Follow On Instagram As Soon As Humanly Possible

    Trans is beautiful.

    *Note: in no particular order*

    1. Ianne Fields Stewart - @thefreeactorvist

    Ianna Fields Stewart (@thefreeactorvist on Instagram) / Via Instagram: @thefreeactorvist

    Ianne is a Queer, TransFemme activist and storyteller who's achieved much success in fighting for Trans and Black equality. As the founder of The Okra Project (@theokraproject), they have raised funds and driven real change for Black Trans people in addition to raising awareness in general. Ianne uses their platform to share personal snapshots of their life, their activism work, and to showcase their creativity.

    2. Ellis David Perry - @saint_ellis

    Ellis David Perry (@saint_ellis on Instagram) / Via Instagram: @saint_ellis

    Ellis is a Trans actor and the star of the new series, Bombshell (now streaming on Fearless) in which he plays a Gay Trans man looking for love in the shark-infested waters of Los Angeles. He uses Instagram to share personal life moments as well as sneak peaks behind film & series projects.

    3. Stacey - @stacey_macooncat

    Stacey (@stacey_macooncat on Instagram) / Via Instagram: @stacey_macooncat

    Stacey shares her personal experiences on Instagram about being a Trans Female in Boston, MA. Her posts are uplifting and unfiltered as she shares her perspective unapologetically and without reserve. Her followers are graced with amazing selfies that will always bring a smile to your face.

    4. Adam - @accio.aj

    Adam (@accio.aj on Instagram) / Via Instagram: @accio.aj

    Adam is a Trans guy from Brighton, UK, who openly shares his Trans journey through his Instagram account. Adam documents his life including details about his surgery, being on T, and even cute moments like finding some stellar new jeans. Adam also posts about supporting Trans charities and his small business @sandyfoxcrafts which he started with @zoemariegillard.

    5. Jaimie Wilson - @tboy61915

    Jaimie Wilson (@tboy61915 on Instagram) / Via Instagram: @tboy61915

    Jaimie Wilson is a Trans music artist who graces us with music both on his own and as one half of the Gender Bandit (@genderbanditofficial). Jaimie also uses his platform to share his personal experiences including his challenging relationship with his family. He documents some of his journey in his song, "Homesick" (which you can find on Apple Music, YouTube, or Spotify), where he sings about being true to yourself first above all else. And for those who can’t get enough of Jaimie, he’s also started an OnlyFans page too!

    6. Hannah Graf & Jake Graf - @hannahw253 & @jake_graf5

    Jake Graf (@jake_graf5 on Instagram) / Via Instagram: @jake_graf5

    Hannah and Jake are a Trans couple with an adorable little one (@millie.graf) who are amazing advocates for Trans rights and equality. On their Instagram accounts, the couple shares the cutest videos of themselves with their child (you need to see their Halloween costume photo), posts about Trans activism, and throwbacks to their pasts. They're an uplifting couple to follow and at the forefront of Trans activism both in the UK and on the global scale.

    7. Li Benedetti - @libenedettii

    Li (@libenedettii on Instagram) / Via Instagram: @libenedettii

    Li is a Brazilian Instagrammer who identifies as Non-Binary and Trans. They post gorgeous photographs of themself as well as quotes and activism posts that share crucial messages about Blackness, Transness, Queerness, and Identity. Plus, with the new Reels feature growing, you can bet that Li is also serving up some humor though their short-form videos as well.

    8. Max - @kngmaxy

    Max (@kngmaxy on Instagram) / Via Instagram: @kngmaxy

    Max is an Aries from Saint Louis who uses he/they pronouns. Max shares photos of himself and his journey and answers Q&As in his stories to help people learn and grow. Max is also a fitness enthusiast and shares his progress towards his fitness goals on his Instagram page as well. Max values self-acceptance at every iteration of the Trans journey and is a smiley, positive addition to your Instagram feed.

    9. And last but not least, T. Thomason - @swtbbt

    Halifax Today / Via

    T. is a Trans artist who has just released BLISS PART II featuring Canadian legend, Sarah McLachlan (@officialsarahmclachlan). T. Is best known for appearing on CTV’s singing competition series, The Launch (@thelaunchctv), where he became an instant success with the single “Hope.” T. uses Instagram to share music updates, creative photos, and glimpses into personal life (the photo of T. with the puppy is perfection).

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