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The Worst Dinosaurs of All Time

A selection of the absolute worst dinosaurs ever made for a movie. (More ugly dinos at The Swedish Bed.)

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  • 1. Tammy and the T-Rex

    This movie's so bad it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. It’s about a guy who was murdered, but his brain is transplanted into an animatronic dinosaur. (Fun fact: This is one of Denise Richards' first films. She plays the girl, not the T-Rex.)

  • 2. Theodore Rex

    The studio realized this was too horrible to release in theaters, so this one was straight to video.

  • 3. Adventures in Dinosaur City

    Adventures in Dinosaur City is about three kids who get sucked in to the universe of their favorite TV show.

  • 4. Unknown Island (1948)


  • 5. The Lost World (1960)

    The filmmakers decided to create dinosaurs by gluing plastic horns, frills, and sails to iguanas, monitor lizards, and caymans. The result was absolutely awful.


    This is the Holy grail …. A man turns into a human-sized T-Rex. More ugly dinosaurs at The Swedish Bed!