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9 Rare Cats From Around The World

Cats are awesome. Fact. See more here.

  • 1. The Singapura Cat

    The Singapura Cat

  • 2. The Rex Cornish

    The Rex Cornish

  • 3. The Sokoke

    The Sokoke

  • 4. The Munchkin (Dwarf Cat )

    The Munchkin (Dwarf Cat )

  • 5. The Chausie

    The Chausie

  • 6. The Elf Cat

    The Elf Cat

  • 7. The Savannah Cat

    The Savannah Cat

  • 8. The Siberian Cat

    The Siberian Cat

  • 9. The Rex Selkirk

    The Rex Selkirk