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    Doctor Who Crafts

    Why waiting for marketing to make doctor who products when you can do it yourself ? ( via )

    • Mini David Tennant

      Mini David Tennant

    • 11th Doctor Fez and Bow Tie Earrings

      11th Doctor Fez and Bow Tie Earrings

    • TARDIS Fingerless Gloves

      TARDIS Fingerless Gloves

    • The Dalek Cake

      The Dalek Cake

    • dalek crochet

    • Dalek tree

      Dalek tree

    • Tardis Quilt

      Tardis Quilt

    • Gingerbread TARDIS

      Gingerbread TARDIS

    • Dalek Egg

      Dalek Egg

    • Dalek teaPot

      Dalek teaPot

    • TARDIS blanket

      TARDIS blanket