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8 Ugly Creatures That Are Pretty Good to Eat.

The 8 most ugly beast i tasted, yummy or eww ?? (Via The Swedish Bed.)

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  • 1. snails

    Snails are good, depend on what sauce you eat them with.

  • 2. frogs

    Frogs legs are not good , taste like a very boring chicken meat, the sauce who come with make all the difference.

  • 3. Octopus

    Octopus is delicious ! In salad its marvelous.

  • 4. Anglerfish

    Anglerfish tail is perfectly tender and melt in your mouth ... but god ...this face is ugly !

  • 5. oysters

    Depend on the season, oysters can be delicious wiht some lemon, and can make u sick like hell if they are not fresh.

  • 6. Sea cicada

    Delicious, taste like lobster.

  • 7. Sea Spider

    Sea spiders are like crabs but less heavy on the stomac.

  • 8. jelly fish

    I tasted Jelly Fish salad last month, and its very good, i was thinking it gona taste like hell, but it like eating salty spaghettis.