10 Party Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

Not only can new technology make our lives easier, it can also help make us more drunk.

1. 10. iPhone Beer Bottle Opener

Anything involving beer and an iPhone is a genius invention.

2. 9. The Wii Party Station

The Wii Party Station provides a quartet of Wiimotes, 4 freeze-able cup holders, a center bowl to hold the chips.

3. 8. the Cadillac of pong tables.

Stop using that embarrassing fold out table your grandma was throwing out! Get a regulation sized beer pong table straight from the masters, the World Series of Beer Pong. This thing is the Cadillac of pong tables.

4. 7. Cooler Scooter

This will be the coolest DUI you ever get.

5. 6. Can and Bottle Grips

Cold hands are for suckers! Washing mugs is for chumps! Woo!

6. 5. Beer Ammo Bandolier

8. 4. The Beer Blaster

The Beer Blaster allows you to literally shotgun a beer for a friend. Even if drinking beer from a plastic gun doesn’t sound like a good time

9. 3. ShaKoozie

Ok, you might not need this during your party but it’s a definite must for when you’re getting ready. Don’t let a little thing like showering get in the way of drinking beers!

10. 2. Beer Holsters

If Billy the Kid were an alcoholic, he’d have had a couple of these. They’re great for carrying around that Smirnoff in case you need a quick draw to ice a bro!

11. 1. Power Hour Shot Glass USB

It’s a shot glass. It’s a USB. It’s an album of party music. It’s a drinking game. It’s AWESOME!

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