This Is What Homophobia In France Looks Like

After being attacked with his boyfriend in Paris on Sunday, Wilfred de Bruijn posted a photo of his beaten face to his personal Facebook page. A wave of anti-gay sentiment sweeps France in the midst of a marriage equality debate. [Warning: graphic images.]

1. This photo was posted last Sunday on Facebook by Wilfred de Bruijn after he was beaten up in Paris.

The photo was captioned, “Sorry to show you this. It’s the face of Homophobia.”

2. “Olivier and I were badly beaten up just for walking arm in arm. I woke up in an ambulance covered in blood, missing tooth and broken bones around the eye. I’m home now. Very sad. Olivier takes care of me.”

He added that he was, “Forbidden to work for at least 10 days.”

3. According to The Guardian, de Bruijn, a Dutchman who has lived in the French capital since 2003, said he remembered nothing.

Olivier told French journalists he and his partner had been attacked at around 3:25 a.m.:

“We were leaving a dinner washed down with plenty of wine with friends. We were walking arm in arm towards the Ourcq metro. Not in a ‘homo’ style. We’d had a lovely evening and we were talking about it. A bit loudly, perhaps, he said. Then I heard: ‘Ah, homosexuals!’ I took the first hit in the eyes. I tried to protect myself but I received six hits. It was a wave of hatred. Very violent. I saw my partner on the ground where his head had become a football. I shouted ‘Get lost!’ and they ran off.”

4. News of the attack quickly spread accross social media:

Gay man reveals bloodstained ‘face of French homophobia’ on Facebook: Wilfred de Bruijn, who says he and his p…— Home Affairs Stories

Wilfred de Bruijn, brutally beaten in Paris for holding his boyfriend’s arm, becomes ‘face of homophobia in France’— David Gormley

Wilfred de Bruijn... Many Blessings To You This Day & All In France & Around The World Who Are Beaten Just For...

— Teryn McCloseoff (@SisterTeryn)

Wilfred de Bruijn… Many Blessings To You This Day & All In France & Around The World Who Are Beaten Just For…— Teryn McCloseoff

7. Gay rights organizations in France fear homosexuals are being targeted as part of a wave of protests against the government’s “marriage for all” bill.

The Guardian reports that in another area of Paris on Saturday evening, police confirmed a similar attack on a man walking with his partner, while the same night an LGBT center was covered in anti-gay marriage posters.

Christian Hartmann / Reuters

8. Elizabeth Ronzier, president of gay rights group SOS Homophobie, called the attack a “shocking and incredibly violent incident.”

9. Anti-gay marriage and gay adoption protests have become common in Paris:

Michel Spingler / AP

10. Thousands of French conservatives, families, and activists have converged on the capital to try to stop the country from allowing same-sex couples to marry and adopt children.

Michel Spingler / AP

11. The attack on de Bruijn and the overall homophobic atomosphere in France has sparked outrage and a swift response from the public:

Gay rights groups are set to hold a protest on Wednesday.

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