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10 Ways Scottish Money Could Look Different After Independence

The UK Government has said that if Scotland chooses independence in 2014 it will no longer be able to use the British Pound (£). Here are 10 suggestions of what could be done to create a uniquely Scottish currency.

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1. The Scottish Pound (£) is already patriotic and confusing to foreign tourists. Keep it that way.


This is Robert the Bruce. He was King of Scots from 1306 - 1329 leading them to independence from the English in 1328. He is currently seen on Scottish banknotes instead of the Queen. The Scots should keep him there.

5. Tell the tale of the ghostly bagpiper of Duntrune Castle.


As the story goes, this Macdonald piper was sent into Duntrune castle as a spy. He was found and brutally murdered by the Campbell clan, but only after playing his bagpipes to alert the oncoming army that he had been discovered. A true Scottish hero.

7. Remember the most Scottish (and best) Dr WHO

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Born David John McDonald; Mr Tennant is often considered to be the best doctor. He is also Scottish. Only time will tell if Peter Capaldi will join him in the pantheon of brilliant Scottish Dr Whos.

10. Cry FREEDOM with Braveheart!


No one did more for Scotland during the dark days of English oppression than Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Englishmen wept in 1995 when they saw what their forefathers had done. And after an independence vote on 18 September 2014 Scottish people will be able to feel freedom in their hearts, minds and wallets with this twenty Stirling note.

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