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    I Tested Out All The Popular Tricks To Remove Corn Silk More Easily

    Some worked better than others. Lend me your ear and I'll tell you all the deets!

    Hey there, I'm Mathew Jedeikin, and I'm super obsessed with cooking hacks.

    I'm also a big fan of fresh sweet corn.

    Especially when it's is in season here in California.

    But one thing I really hate is hassling with corn silk.

    So, after deciding there had to be an easier way, I did a little Pinterest research and came up with these five tricks to test.

    The first reco I found was to use a regular toothbrush to brush away the hairs.

    The second was to use a piece of extra-grip shelf liner to rub off the silk.

    The third trick, which actually came from an old episode of the Rachael Ray Show, was to use a rubber band to thread the silk off the corn.

    The fourth was to use one of these adorable corn shaped vegetable brushes.

    And finally, the fifth trick didn't involve any new products, but is more a method of cooking the corn where you microwave the ear still in the husk. Once cooked, you cut off the end and the corn slides out. Supposedly the silk remains in the husk.

    I ordered my supplies and got down to business.

    When judging each method, this is what I would consider:

    1. How easy and effectively did it remove the corn silk?

    2. How difficult was the clean-up?

    3. Did it affect the taste or texture of the corn when prepared according to my favorite recipe?

    One the first night of my three nights in a row of making corn for me and my husband, I tested out the toothbrush.

    Next up was the shelf liner, which I used to rub the corn and pull at the silk.

    Who would have thought that regular old extra-grip shelf liner could make de-silking an ear of corn so much easier?

    On day two I put on my favorite pizza hat and tested Rachael's rubber band threading method, to little avail.

    Next up was my corn brush, which, although looks cute, didn't do anything.

    Finally, it was time to test this microwave-it-in-the-husk reco.

    Although from a distance, it looked like a clean ear of corn had emerged from the husk, upon further inspection there was still lots of silk stuck to the corn.

    Also, I didn't really like the way the microwave cooked the corn.

    Throughout these later tests, I found myself using my now trusted shelf liner to finish removing the silk.

    Because yeah, it actually cleaned the corn!

    In conclusion:

    Don't waste money on fancy brushes or a container of clean rubber bands.

    Do get yourself some extra grip shelf liner if you're looking for a pain-free way to remove corn silk.

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