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What The Fuck Was Going On With Ariana Grande's Jacket On "SNL"?

I smell a new trend!

In case you haven't heard, Ariana Granda pretty much slayed while hosting and performing on SNL this weekend.

But during her performance of "Dangerous Woman," something happened making it impossible for many of us to focus on anything else...


An entire suit jacket, hanging from just one arm.

Why Ari, why?

It just dangled there. Throughout the ENTIRE performance.


At one point she put the second sleeve on...


But then, approximately 30 seconds later, she was back to just one sleeve.


Never once did she take the coat entirely off.

*literally can't focus on anything else*


Dear God, make it stop.


Even Orange Is the New Black star Taryn Manning was confused:

Some have suggested it was a wardrobe malfunction.

While others are wondering if Ariana was trying to start a new trend.

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    She was def trying to make wearing your jacket on one arm a thing
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    Obviously a wardrobe malfunction, like totally obvi

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