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Justin Bieber Said He Has The "Feels" For Selena Gomez And She Liked The Photo

Here's what you need to know about their latest Instagram activities.

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In case you haven't heard, Justin Bieber posted this throwback photo of he and former girlfriend Selena Gomez to Instagram:

He captioned the photo "Feels".

For those of us who don't speak Teen, here's a quick definition:

OK, so Justin shared an old photo to his millions of followers implying that he still has feelings for Selena. NBD* right?

*NBD means no big deal.
Instagram: @justinbieber

*NBD means no big deal.

Well, just wait!

Apparently, within seconds Selena Gomez herself (or an assistant, or whatever) liked the photo!

Which has some fans speculating that "clearly something" is up.

I mean, of course.


That's all.

Consider yourself totally up-to-date on the situation.

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