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It's 2016 And Britney Spears Now Does A Backflip During Her Vegas Show

Hello Backflipney.

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably already knew that the one-and-only Britney Spears took a brief hiatus from her insanely popular Vegas show to give it a revamp.

Allow me to provide you with a full report...

Because I spent the weekend searching Vine and YouTube for fan videos so that you don't have to!

This remixed version of "Piece of Me" includes new songs, a Missy Elliott dance break, new costumes, a new intro, and overall the vibe is undoubtedly more... Sensual.

Brit Brit gave us a total of four new songs ("Breathe on Me," "Touch of My Hand," "If U Seek Amy," and "I Love Rock 'N Roll").


Oh yeah, this happens:

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But the best part of the new show, hands fucking down, is when our idol, the Holy Spearit, does this: