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    Posted on Apr 3, 2016

    Amy Schumer And Lena Dunham Took A Bunch Of Cute Selfies Together At The Rihanna Show

    Oh, and they also ran into Chris Rock.

    Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham fabulously hit up Rihanna's concert in Newark, New Jersey.

    Instagram: @amyschumer

    That's Lena's boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, on the right.

    But they weren't the only celebs in attendance. Chris Rock was there too!

    Instagram: @amyschumer

    So many good selfies.

    Amy and Lena also took pictures with Rihanna's background dancers.

    Amy thirstily captioned the pic, "Our fiancées".

    Side note: Is anyone else totally feeling Amy's glasses?

    Hella cute.

    Overall, good times were had at the RiRi show Newark!

    Roc Nation

    And we have a new BFF alert!

    Instagram: @amyschumer

    Just don't anyone tell Jennifer Lawrence or Taylor Swift.

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