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Exotic Wild Life In Yala

Can you hear the call of the wild? Is nature’s call beckoning you to visit the beautiful island of Sri Lanka to discover wildlife on the island? Yala National Park is uber famous for its variety of wildlife and forms as the perfect excursions in Sri Lanka!

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The key sighting when you’re in Yala. If you spot these slender majestic creatures during your safari in Yala, consider yourself EXTREMELY lucky, as these shy beasts tend to stay away from the rumbling jeeps as much as possible! Tip: keep a keen eye out between bushes or on top of rocks.


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Probably one of the most popular animals you’ll see in Yala. These big beautiful beasts are often seen dilly dallying around watering holes or tugging away at grass and trees. Don’t forget to respect these wild elephants and not make any sound when you’re close to them!

Spotted Deer

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Also known as the Axis Spotted Deer, they are often seen huddled together in small groups between the wild shrubs or just grazing. The buck often lets out a high squeal if he senses danger – it’s quite fun to listen to!

Sambar Deer

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Sambur Deer are larger in size as compared to the Spotted Deer – almost the size of a cow! These deer are completely brown and slightly furrier. If you’re planning your safari with a tour agency such as Walkers Tours, find out when rutting season starts for a chance to witness the males fight each other!

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