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Discovering The Millers Building – A Magnificent Time Capsule

A renowned landmark and a historical monument, the Cargills Millers building stands amidst the bustling city of Colombo. A magnificent building of red and white bricks, the Millers building is a must see when in Colombo.

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The Millers building was established in 1844 by the Scottish businessman David Sime Cargill and William Miller. The two initiated a joint venture for wholesale and import of different varieties of products.

The History

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Miller and Cargill founded a warehouse as well as departments which together served as a well-established department store during the British colonial period of Sri Lanka. A significant landmark for Colombo Fort, the Millers building can be easily accessed by nearby accommodation options such as Mandarina Colombo.


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A prominent landmark in the city, the Millers building can be found on the Mudalige Road on York Street in Colombo. Easily recognizable due to its remarkable architecture, the building still showcases British colonial grandeur.

The Restoration

Although few projects have been executed to restore the building to its former glory, the interior has failed to maintain its signature grace. However, Cargills have flourished across the island as Cargills Food City along with the international franchises of KFC and TGI Fridays.

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