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All You Need To Know About Overwater Villas – Overwater Villas 101

It just does not get better than a vacation in an overwater villa. The jaw-dropping 3600 panoramic views, stunning marine life right under your feet and luxurious pampering are things you cannot pass on when on vacation. Those who yearn to spend that near-perfect getaway in an overwater villa might want to check out these pointers before you consider making your dream vacation a reality.

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Overwater villas are simply villas built over shallow calm waters of a lagoon or the sea. With thatched roofs and light material, the villas sit on stilts amidst a stunning waterfront spectacle. The personal and indulgent experience in an overwater villa will have you considering extending the vacation.

Where can you find the overwater villas? Location. Location. Location.

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A concept tried-and-true firstly in the South Pacific, the best overwater villas are a rare find since most locations do not have the required setting. Only a handful of locations are identified in the world as ideal for overwater villas as they generally demand a volcanic island with a tranquil lagoon surrounding it.

Are there all-inclusive overwater villas?

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Lucky for you, there are all-inclusive overwater villas with most of the perks included in the room price. Built over the coral beds surrounding the island, these villas offer an otherworldly view and luxurious comfort. Those who are looking to spend their upcoming vacation in all-inclusive overwater villas in Maldives can consider options such as Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas.

Travelling with the fam

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Who says these villas are built only for romance? Certain overwater villas are large enough to accommodate your family. While you are lazing away on lounge chairs, your children can probe into the magnificent ocean life through the glass floors or just snorkel above the stunning coral beds.

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