The Worst Kinds Of Selfies You See On The Internet

A list of the worst kinds of selfies you see on the internet

1. The topless iPad selfy

Because you need to tell the world you’ve got a hot body oh and you’re at the forefront of technology, because taking a selfy with your iPhone is so 2007

2. Tongue out selfy

Because you need to let the world know you’re a bad as… and that some people still use Blackberries

3. The Winking Selfy

Your attempt at being sexy turns creepy

4. The Photoshop Selfy

I don’t have a double chin, I’ve got a round face..

Photoshop level - Killed ot

5. The bombed selfy

Your child just photobombed you

6. The Faux “my girlfriend took this…”

Your girl friend has a nice pair of legs.. 10 out of 10 for trying

7. The slut face, I mean duck face

8. The Man in Uniform

9. The Glasshole Selfy

I’m sure we’ll see worse than scoble pull the glasshole…

10. My new hair selfy

I got a haircut, you’re meant to look at my hair not my boobs

11. The Faux Holiday

I haven’t been on the sunbed…

12. The “I have perfect hair when I wake up and I’m adorable when tired”

because that’s not staged at all…

13. The Post Workout Selfy

Bitch please

14. The Cry for Attention

I’m not really depressed I just want compliments… Yes men do this too

15. The Ridiculous Item Selfy

16. The Dirty Bathroom Selfy

This is disgusting have some self respect - scruff

17. The Bolt

You’re only allowed to do this if you’re Usain Bolt or with Usain Bolt, otherwise you just look a twat

18. The failed “large object in my hand”

This is neither original nor impressive

19. The Pet Chin

This is no longer funny

20. Whatever this is

Tip : Don’t take selfies when other people are around

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