10 Signs You Work In The Digital Economy

10 signs you work in the Digital Economy, or Internet Economy as it sometimes known.

1. When you explain your job to most people, you can’t help but think this:

Most people don’t understand your job, let’s face it.

2. So you explain it in simple terms, and you start thinking this :

It took you forever to explain your job in the simplest way possible, and you’re still not sure they actually understand it.

3. You’re on just about every big social media website

It’s also probably part of your job

4. You DON’T work on a computer like this

Let’s face it, you need a good computer not THAT

5. People still don’t understand your job and you’re like “what?”

6. You can wear pretty much what you want to work

7. You can do most of your work across different devices

8. Your offices are quirky and really modern

9. You probably work in a building with “wow factor”

10. Your boss is on more than just facebook & twitter

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