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Aug 3, 2015

29 Things You’ll Only Relate To If You Grew Up Poor

$0.29 hamburger Tuesdays FTW!

1. You had no idea who Lizzie McGuire was.

Not realizing you grew up poor until you came across this meme // #GrowingUpPoor 💁😂😎

2. Summer was the worst.

#GrowingUpPoor when its hot af and your mom says turn off the a/c so the bill don't run up

3. Turning lemons into lemonade.

#GrowingUpPoor making lemonade at restaurants cause your momma got everyone water 😂🍋

4. Dollar menus and 29-cent hamburger Tuesdays.

#GrowingUpPoor when u heard u could get a small fry with ur dollar menu sandwich it was the best day ever

5. Lunch line awkwardness.

6. Cafeteria lunches were bomb and you knew it!

#growinguppoor when everyones complaining about how nasty the school lunches are and you in the corner like

7. Because this is what you had for breakfast, every damn day.

When this is all you had for saturday morning #GrowingUpPoor

8. Usually served in one of these.

9. Hamburger buns were an unnecessary expense.

10. Absolutely unnecessary.


11. You never threw away soap bottles until they'd been watered down a few times.

#GrowingUpPoor having to put water in an almost empty soap bottle

12. Technically you didn't have a pool.

#GrowingUpPoor when the only pool time you had in the summer was your mom's laundry tin

13. Your parents got creative so you'd have enjoyable outdoor activities.

the struggle of getting buckets 🏀#GrowingUpPoor

14. Don't EVEN THINK about losing that library book.

15. Always getting more bread right before you left the restaurant.

#growinguppoor "we bringing this bread home for later"

16. Or napkins and condiment packets.

17. Because ketchup often made for convenient afternoon snacks.

#GrowingUpPoor you ate this as a snack😂😂😂😂

18. Your plastic cup collection was on point.

“@cashmoneyana: #GrowingUpPoor this was actually my cabinet ” this is still kinda my cabinet tf

19. And what went in those cups? Thirst Rockers ~juice~.

#GrowingUpPoor you don't know the struggle till you've had a thirst rockers in your fridge

20. Hand-me-downs for days.

#GrowingUpPoor always hammy downs, so I had to make my clothes work

21. Wait, didn't everybody wear their pants two days in a row?

22. Brand names? As if.

when ur mum couldn't afford Vans & u had to wear these #GrowingUpPoor

23. Friends from families with money just didn't get it.

Me when people would say "just ask your mom for money" #GrowingUpPoor

24. Going to the movies meant going to the dollar theater.

#GrowingUpPoor "Bro let's go to the movies" Me:

25. Going to the dollar store was better than going to the movies anyway.

#GrowingUpPoor when you had to buy dollar tree dolls cuz Barbie's were too expensive

26. Overpaying was never an option.

#GrowingUpPoor picking something up in the store and told you can't get it because somewhere else got it cheaper

27. You dreamed about being rich when you grew up.

Big dreams start some where #GrowingUpPoor

28. But in reality, the frugal habits your parents instilled in you live on today.

29. And you can laugh about your upbringing because you recognize that you parents did the best they could with what they had.

"I relate to #GrowingUpPoor & #GrowingUpSpoiled, my parents didnt have money but I SOMEHOW always got what I wanted!"

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