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    14 Questions People Who Have No Sense Of Direction Are Always Asking

    How is it possible that I'm lost, even though I’ve been following Apple Maps?

    1. "What’s the easiest way to get there?"

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    Don't give me fastest route or anything even remotely complicated. Just don't.

    2. "Do you remember where we parked?"


    Because I have no fuckin clue.

    3. "Can you pick me up on your way?"


    Hopefully I can make it out my front door without getting lost.

    4. "Are you sure we can’t walk there?"

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    Because walking is easy and low-pressure.

    5. "Will you draw me a map?"

    When you have no sense of direction so your dad draws it out for you 😂

    Regular maps are confusing, I don't need to know the name of every street in the neighborhood. Just draw something basic.

    6. "Can you meet me at the (insert local transit system name) station?"

    Flickr: photographingtravis

    If I start walking down the street, odds are I'll be headed in the wrong direction.

    7. "I need to focus on not getting lost, can you turn down the radio?"

    8. "How is it possible that I'm lost, even though I’ve been following Apple Maps?"

    Unfortunately the days of blaming Apple's flawed map software are long gone.

    9. "Which way is North?"

    10. "Wait, so do you mean 'right' as in the direction, or 'right' as in correct?"

    So confusing.

    11. "Shit, was that the exit we wanted to take?"

    You bet it was!

    12. "Why in the world do one way streets exist?"

    Flickr: thedarkthing

    Are they some kind of sick joke on society?

    13. "Seriously, where the hell are we?"

    14. "If I send you my location will you come find me?"

    I give up.

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