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    35 People You'll Meet Riding SF MUNI

    Look up from your cell phone in San Francisco and this is what you'll see.

    1. The person that smells like they literally hit their bong right before getting on the bus.

    FOX / Via

    Dude, you smell like Amsterdam!

    2. A girl straight-up eating mayonnaise out of the jar.

    Misha Trubs / Via

    3. Or swigging from a wine bottle.

    4. Someone sound asleep (and snoring loudly).

    5. The person playing music loud enough for the whole bus to listen.

    Like not even using headphone, but playing music on their iPhone loudly and perhaps singing/rapping along.

    6. This guy rocking an iguana like it's an over-the-shoulder bag.

    7. People who don't realize that you have to step down for the back door to open.

    8. And the fellow riders who will yell "STEP DOWN" when they notice someone who can't figure out the door situation.

    Props for being a good samaritan.

    9. Fashion-forward toddlers.

    Leanne Maxwell / Via

    10. Dudes airing out their feet for the whole bus to smell.

    11. This guy making sure his parrot stays warm.

    12. The person who thought MUNI was their personal white-board. / Via

    Vandalism isn't hot.

    13. Chewbacca.

    14. The guy that apparently decided to ditch his underwear mid-ride.

    15. The people who think that sitting on the aisle means no one will want the open seat next to them.

    16. This lady with a turtle resting on her cleavage.

    17. The able bodied person who never vacates the seats in the front of the bus.

    Netflix / Via

    Avoiding eye contact doesn't make it OK!

    18. People taking selfies.

    19. Some chick wearing the same leggings as you.

    20. The rando who spends their whole trip screaming at the bus driver for no reason.

    21. The couple who should get a room.

    22. The person who squeezes on the bus despite the fact that that the bus is full and people are literally holding their breath to make room.

    23. This guy who's ready for the apocalypse.

    24. The lady risking a potentially serious eye infection so that she can exit the bus with her face done.

    25. Someone playing a ridiculously large musical instrument.

    26. A lady clipping her fingernails.

    27. The person who treats the bus like it's da club.

    Work that pole honey.

    28. A guy casually reading a light porno.

    29. A little kid giving you the finger.

    30. This person showing off their acrobatic skills.

    31. Someone traveling with garbage bags full of stuff.

    32. A guy shaving.

    33. A guy offering mobile massages.

    34. A girl with one bare foot because she lost her other shoe on a different bus.

    35. A dude making his breakfast toast.

    Mobile toaster!! Oh wait, nope... No. #SFMuni #toastingonthetrain

    kat @katcanizFollow

    Mobile toaster!! Oh wait, nope... No. #SFMuni #toastingonthetrain

    8:49 PM - 23 May 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

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