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21 Things You Totally Didn’t Notice In The Original "Jurassic Park"

We spared no expense!

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5. There's a bit of foreshadowing during the helicopter ride when Alan finds a way to secure himself despite having two female buckles on his seatbelt.

You know, just like how the dinosaurs are able to reproduce despite being bred as only females.

6. The actor who played Dr. Henry Wu went on to provide the voice of Shang in Mulan.

BD Wong is reprising his role in the upcoming Jurassic World, but sadly there's no word yet on if he'll be participating in the upcoming Mulan live-action film.


15. If you look closely, you can see the reflection of something moving in the hubcap before Alan climbs the tree to rescue Tim.

Many suspect it's the reflection of a camera person, but I think it's more fun to imagine he was being stalked by a stealthy dinosaur. A stealthosaurus, if you will.


17. The Making of Jurassic Park is a real book written by Don Shay and Jody Duncan.

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The actual book takes readers behind the scenes of the movie production. Apparently the majority of the merchandise used in this scene were real items produced to promote the movie.

21. Alan compares dinosaurs to birds throughout the movie, and what does he see as he's leaving the island? A flock of friggen birds!

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It wasn't until three years after the movie debuted that paleontologists announced the discovery of a dinosaur covered in a fine coat of "fuzzy protofeathers." This would lead to the confirmation that birds are indeed descendants of dinosaurs.

Dr. Alan Grant was years ahead of his time!