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51 Things Nearly All People From The Bay Area Seem To Love

What do you mean you don't have almond milk?

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1. Expensive coffee shops that don't offer free WiFi to help "encourage community."

2. Saying "hella."

3. Posting angry Facebook and/or Twitter updates whenever there's a delay on BART.

BART delay is almost worth it to hear BART Operations Control Center refer to SF as "West Bay"

4. Complaining about high rents.

5. Whole Foods.

6. Waiting in line.

7. Tech conferences.

8. Wearing costumes in public – especially if the costume contains a place to hide your booze.

iEmoji / Michelle Rial / BuzzFeed

9. Non-dairy milk options.

10. Wearing earbuds and/or staring at your phone while riding public busses.

11. Vegan mayo.

12. Dolores park.

13. Joking about poop on sidewalks.

14. It's-It ice cream sandwiches.

15. Pushing back against development.

16. Vegetarian drive-thru restaurants.

17. The Truffle Man.

18. Farmer's markets.

19. Mission style burritos.

20. Sourdough bread.

21. Peaceful protests and marches.

22. First Friday art walks in Oakland.

23. Talking shit about SoCal.

24. Showing Pride.

25. Broccoli on pizza.

26. Hoodies.

27. Taking public transportation directly to the airport.

28. Karl.

29. Guy Fieri, especially when he shares vegetarian recipes he used to make for his sister.

Harry How / Getty Images

30. Man buns.

31. ZipCar. Or GetAround if you're more into car-sharing.

32. Being lucky enough to find free street parking.

33. Dive bars.

34. Roof decks.

35. Super Duper Burger.

36. Birkenstocks.

37. Bottomless mimosa brunches.

38. Dogs dressed like hipsters.

39. Medical marijuana delivery services.

40. Senor Sisig.

41. The kittens that show up in the Macy's windows during the holidays.

42. Our professional sports teams.

43. Batkid.

Ramin Talaie / Getty Images

44. Wearing comfy jeans or yoga pants to pretty much anything.

45. Mass public pillow fights.

46. Start-up shirts.

47. Weekend trips to Napa. Especially if there's wine and/or a bus involved.

48. Outside Lands.

49. Clipper cards with auto-reload setup.

50. Hanger One vodka.

51. Embracing eccentricity.

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