The Starbucks Chantico Was The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened

    An ode to the incredible, drinkable dessert.

    2005 was a good year.

    It was a pre-Kardashian era where we watched shows like The Simple Life.

    And rocked out to solo Gwen Stefani music.

    But then something happened that no previous amount of chocolate training could have prepared us for.

    does anyone else remember when sbux sold chantico? that stuff was so good. like drinking molten hot brownie batter.

    Starbucks introduced the Chantico, which was basically a six-ounce cup of liquified chocolate.

    To many of us chocoholics the Chantico was like a gift from The Gods.

    So rich, so decadent. It was like a cup full of pure luxury.

    But then — without ever really giving it a chance — Starbucks yanked the Chantico from their menus in 2006.

    Spokesperson Alan Hilowitz insisted that the decision wasn't due to a lack of interest. "It was something that customers did like, but they wanted to be able to do something else with it," he told USA Today. "We wanted to go back and give customers what they are looking for."

    In the years that have passed, it's become known as one of Starbucks biggest flops.

    The 3 biggest Starbucks failures (remember Chantico, the "drinkable dessert"?):

    And those of us Chantico lovers have been subject to ridicule for our devotion to this long-lost beverage.

    Although we may be the voice of dissent, we are NOT ALONE!

    I miss the @Starbucks Chantico #confessyourunpopularopinion

    There are ~potentially~ millions of us out there, who not only remember the Chantico, but would do practically anything to get it back.

    you guys remember chantico, hahaa RIP

    Some have even tried to come up with their own copycat recipes.

    It's been almost a decade since we lasted tasted that liquid chocolatey goodness.

    Still miss this...#Starbucks #Chantico

    Please Starbucks, bring it back!

    @Starbucks @BucknellBash Bring it back!!