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Posted on Jan 23, 2015

17 Signs You're Having Sex With The Right Person

Get it, get it!

1. You fantasize about having sex with your partner throughout the day.

CBS / Via

Isn't it tough concentrating on work when you know what's waiting for you at home?

2. You say "I love you" when you're having sex, and frequently when you're not.

Luminis Kanto / Via Flickr: 12609729@N07

3. You kiss passionately during sex.

ABC / Via Thumblr

Not just a quick peck, but deep, passionate kisses.

4. And make steamy, smoldering eye contact.

5. You've optimized your performance to maximize the pleasure you're causing your partner, and they seem to be reciprocating.

Universal Studios / Via

You've even googled ways to heighten the pleasure!

6. You're sexually aroused by the thought of getting married, having kids, and growing old with this person.

7. You've bought clothing knowing that it will turn your partner on, and as a result feel sexy wearing it.

CBS / Via

8. You think about them while masturbating.

NBC / Via

9. You've used the phrase "making love" to describe sex with your partner.

Because it really does feel like you're "making love," except when you both want it kinkier! 😉

10. You aren't bothered by things like bad breath or messy hair.

11. Lights on or off, it doesn't seem to matter to you anymore.

FOX / Via

12. Feisty debates with your partner are a total turn on, especially when they're making intellectual points.

FOX / Via

Post-State of the Union sex anyone?

13. You prioritize sex with your lover when thinking about your daily schedule.

14. You trust your partner, and as a result feel more uninhibited in the bedroom.

Héctor Gómez Herrer / Via Flickr: hgomezherrero

15. You get excited about trying new things in the boudoir, but never feel pressured.

Don Jon / Via

16. You crave physical contact with your partner, even if it doesn't lead to sex.

17. You snuggle after sex.

ABC Family / Via

Because you never want to leave your lover's arms!

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