43 Twitter Accounts Everyone In San Francisco Should Be Following

    Because actually working is overrated.

    1. AT&T Park Seagull

    50 Shades of Garlic Fries. Yes, we have an inappropriate relationship with garlic fries. If that's wrong... we don't want to be right.

    The seagulls always show up towards the end of a Giants games, and watching for them can bring excitement to a slow and/or boring game. They have their own Twitter account, where they — naturally — make a lot of jokes about bread.

    2. Diamonds of the 30X

    Re-reading @FiftyShades Should have used my kindle... #diamondsofthe30x

    If you're into perpetuating Marina stereotypes, you'll love this entire feed of creepshots of diamond rings spotted on the 30X bus, which runs express from the Marina to downtown.

    3. Karl the Fog

    Goodnight San Francisco. Stay weird, stay different.

    Karl's pretty much a local celebrity in San Francisco. We like seeing Karl's hilarious tweets, but love it when he spends the weekend out-of-town.

    4. Darth

    "i am coming after you with everything i have you can take this as a ...wait are those tater tots can i have some"

    Darth is the steadfastedly anonymous account of a Bay Area denizen who loves dogs and red pandas, and who does some amazing Photoshop work, including his annual holiday season blitz of 'shopping Santa hats onto the profile pic of basically everyone who asks.

    5. One Word SF Weather

    Brevity is the soul of meterology.

    6. Dan Jackson

    Dan's a cool PR dude who tweets about the Lower Haight, beer and other less important topics.

    7. BART_ebooks

    Follow BART_ebooks for a delightful series of nicely timed BART sign pics that form a very Bay Area word salad.

    8. Olu Johnson

    Let's all guess the demographics of this line! https://t.co/pPxL7wf0CF

    Olu is a Mission-based social media consultant who serves up some hilarious local observations and is also a one-man retweeting machine (of tweets that are actually superb).

    9. Capp Street Crap

    If some weird shit ends up on Capp Street, this account is going to find it. And post a picture of it. A true public service.

    10. Burrito Justice

    the archaeological dig at Hill & Valencia has revealed intriguing signs of former IPA-based civilizations

    Burrito Justice writes for Mission Mission and posts solid tweets about bruuh life in San Francisco.

    11. Peaches Christ

    Bah humbug! I vote that the zombie nativity scene be allowed to stay. It's only the best nativity scene I've... http://t.co/7ZQYyOEDCT

    One of the Bay's most famous drag queens, Peaches is the lady to follow if you want scoops on the hottest drag shows around the country.

    12. Cannabis Clubs

    New patients mention San Francisco Cannabis Clubs @BloomRoomSF and receive a FREE Girl Scout Cookie Pre-Roll! http://t.co/sr4n1qYDhU

    Even if you aren't a medical patient, @SFmarijuana tweets plenty of local deals and news on both medical and recreational marijuana news.

    They also post links to places to get an evaluation, so get yourself a script, then check their feed for a tip on the best dispensary to get yourself some green.

    13. Kim-Mai Cutler

    San Francisco is now a Harvard Business School case study on inequality: http://t.co/F1bXRG4kFd

    TechCrunch's Cutler does some phenomenal work on San Francisco's housing and homelessness crisis, among other things.

    14. The Bay Bridge

    Can we get that Fifty Shades of Gray billboard away from my onramp, please? I am a better shade of gray than any of those!

    If earnest parody accounts that send out a steady stream of dad jokes is your thing (which, no judgment!), definitely hit follow on this one.

    15. Eireann Dolan

    I'll tweet embarrassing photos of #SeanDoolittle until he wins #FaceOfMLB

    Eireann is the partner of Oakland A's pitcher Sean Doolittle and knows how to crack a relevant joke or fifty.

    16. Edwin Lee

    Heartfelt support for our friend @RepMikeHonda & his transgender grandchild. Let’s ensure all children grow up in world of love, acceptance

    Edwin Lee (AKA Mayor Lee) runs a pretty standard Politician Twitter Account. He, or his assistant, tweets frequently about local issues, and never shies away from showing support for the LGBT community.

    17. San Francisco Magazine

    "The truth is, we've grown jaded about the homeless in this city and this country." http://t.co/lyUUxHMtQh @longform

    SF is a glossy, award-winning monthly known for its hard-hitting features.

    18. Andrew Dalton

    which one of you smashed up the Whole Foods? the one with the shoe shine? in the building with the butterfly habitat?

    Local writer and former SFist editor Andrew Dalton is Funny and Smart.

    19. Women 2.0

    The fact that more cities call us and want to launch a City Meetup means that tech is diversifying - @shaherose #W2SF

    Based in SF, Women 2.0 is an organization that now hosts events for women in tech across the country. Their local events are insightful and a great place to connect with other Bay Area women working in technology.

    20. Broke-Ass Stuart

    I like to wear my “I can’t afford SF” shirt by @ShopDSF when I visit The Battery.

    Stuart Schuffman is a travel writer and TV host who tweets event ticket giveaways, funny blog posts and some fucking funny SF-related jokes.

    21. SF Siren


    Pretty much what you'd expect.

    22. Greg Dewar

    to all dogs in San Francisco: I hope you aren't too scared by the fireworks and someone is hugging you and giving you treats

    Greg's blog N Judah Chronicles nicely skewers Sunset living, but he's a solid follow even if you don't suffer on the Muni Metro every day.

    23. Cat Town Oakland

    Please join us in celebrating our 600th ADOPTION!!! Here are some of Cat Town's first sweeties from 2011, when we... http://t.co/6rrYtjZ6hF

    If you're a local cat lover and haven't been to the Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, make a reservation im-meow-diately. (Sorry.)

    The main purpose of their Twitter account is to help lovable cats find permanent homes, but they also retweet plenty of pictures from visitors admiring the cats currently calling the cafe home.

    24. SF Water

    Good morning! Sunny up, or over-easy? #ManholeMonday

    The official account of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission may not sound that exciting, but they actually post fun pics and tips on saving water, which are especially useful during times of drought.

    25. Muni Diaries

    These kids are ready to start the day before you had your first espresso. Ah childhood. http://t.co/AMPVOhOHI2 #SFMuni

    The bus sucks! This Twitter account (and corresponding website) doesn't.

    26. Only in SF

    This is the only red carpet we'll be watching tonight. #AlwaysSF photo by hitecdan. Tag y… http://t.co/fqgphzuNVo

    It's the official account for San Francisco visitor information, but also a good account for locals to follow for the schmaltzier side of Bay living.

    27. Ratter SF

    Today’s Human Turd Comes from @ndhapple: http://t.co/y0yVb10xyY

    Ratter is devoted, among other things, to publishing a photo of a San Francisco street turd on the daily.

    28. Craig Newmark

    #Netneutrality: A lobbying bonanza http://t.co/6r0njoAa3t via @POLITICO

    Craig is the founder of Craigslist and uses his Twitter account to share his progressive views on local and national politics.

    He's also apparently a fan of Orphan Black.

    29. 40 Going On 28

    This dialing 10 digits thing in SF would be a major annoyance if I ever called anyone on the phone ever.

    The mysterious TK is 40 going on 28, and tweets frequently about entertainment and pop culture, but with an SF twist.

    30. Waves_SF

    If the ocean could talk and were a little surlier, this would be its vox.

    31. SF Zoo

    What's for #dinner tonight? Photo by May Woon #delicious @daily_kale

    Because adorable animal photos never get old.

    32. Doctor Popular

    Anti-dinosaur rally in downtown San Francisco.

    A must follow for updates on nerd life in SF.

    33. Mike Isaac

    Follow ex-Bay Area resident Mike for tech news, pictures of his dog, his irrepressible faving habit and other garbage. (Just kidding, he is great.)

    34. Johnny Funcheap

    The $1 San Francisco Comedy Show! Tonight in SF, next 20 people get tickets for just a buck! http://t.co/9P7AF1t2v8

    From the same people who brought you FunCheapSF.com, Johnny Funcheap tweets about frugal things to do in the city.

    35. Friends of SFPL

    Friends & France: Great minds think alike! @SFPublicLibrary: check out this @pameladruck quote in our neighborhood!

    They're friends of the San Francisco Public Library, and they tweet content for all of us SF book lovers.

    Best of all: they share news about local book sales!

    36. SF Environment

    Stocked to host a #Superbowl Party? Help your guests with these customize signs: http://t.co/ciKRtctuB0 #greensports

    Helping the city with its goal of zero waste by 2020.

    37. Curbed SF

    Mapping the 10 smallest homes for sale in San Francisco #MicroWeek http://t.co/EoonAfGsD2

    From the blog known for its real estate porn, Curbed SF tweets things that practically anyone interested in the wild world of SF real estate will find interesting.

    38. SF Beer Week

    Although beer week only happens once a year in SF, during off season their Twitter account posts about local beer events and parties. Also, BEER.

    39. SF Bicycle Coalition

    Chain of Lakes is getting repaved! If you bike through @GoldenGatePark, check this map for road closures this week.

    Ride your bike frequently in the city? Follow @sfbike so you stay in the know on bike trail closures and local bicycle enthusiast events.

    40. Clara Jeffery

    *pokes head up* "Hey, are the Oscar #hottakes over yet?" *retreats for six more weeks*

    Clara is the co-editor of Mother Jones, and why are you not following her already? You should be following her already.

    41. Sunday Streets SF

    Check out @exploratorium Science of Sharing during 3/8 Sunday Streets! The exhibit explores human social interactions http://t.co/jQJcEQHOpt

    Sunday Streets and bottomless mimosa brunches are a timeless SF combination.

    42. Bacon Bacon

    We are Emeryville Public Market today until 2pm.

    It should come as no surprise that Bacon Bacon posts bacon porn. They also tweet updates on where to find their truck.

    43. BuzzFeed SF