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    13 Reasons To Get Excited About The Mariah Carey Vegas Show

    Them chickens is ash and she's lotion.

    Mariah made the announcement on Ellen recently... She's going to Vegas!

    If you aren't already, here's why you should be excited:

    1. She’ll (most likely) start the show on time every night.

    The Hobbit
    Columbia Records

    Mariah is notorious for being late and keeping show attendees waiting.

    However, in Vegas shows start promptly as casino bosses don't want people sitting doing nothing. They want them back out in the casinos spending money.

    2. She'll be singing all of her #1 hits.

    3. But that's not all, she said she'll also be doing other songs "that are very close" to her heart.

    Virgin Records / Via

    4. And even some "newly recorded music."

    FOX / Via

    What new music exactly? We'll just have to wait and see.

    5. You might run into her in the hotel hallways or casino lobby.

    She probably won't be pushing a maid's cart, but plenty of fans have spotted Britney and Celine out and about in their respective hotels.

    So there's a (slight) chance, you might run into Mariah roaming the hallways at Caesars.

    6. You can indulge in some guilt-free champagne before seeing the show.

    We all know Mimi loves her some champagne.

    7. The gowns will undoubtedly be gorgeous.

    8. It’s Vegas, so you can bet the show will be theatrical.

    9. But still small and intimate.

    NBC / Via

    The venue only has around 3,200 seats, much smaller than the arenas MC usually performs at.

    10. There will probably be a ton of MC merchandise for us LAMBS to purchase.

    11. The "Mariah hand" will be out in full force!

    12. Mariah will hopefully help Caesars with their financial mess.

    Bankruptcy isn't hot, darling.

    13. And the residency will be good for Mariah.

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