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    Feb 2, 2015

    22 Reasons Not To Let Haters Stop You From Enjoying Valentine’s Day

    It may be commercial, but who cares?

    1. First of all, because Valentine’s Day 2015 falls on Saturday!

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    Meaning you can party harder than you might on a weeknight.

    2. Because you can start the day with a glorious Valentine's Day themed breakfast in bed.

    3. Because you can take a leisurely morning bike ride.

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    4. Or spend a little time gardening.

    Not only is gardening relaxing, but in many places Valentine’s Day marks the advent of spring.

    There's an old proverb that says, "Saint Valentine brings the keys of roots.” So how about planting flowers instead of buying them this year?

    5. Because you can show your excitement leading up to Valentine’s Day by rocking some awesome nail art (then Instagramming pictures).

    6. Because you can display some of your favorite romance themed Beanie Babies.

    7. Because it’s a good time to rock out to your favorite "love songs" playlist on Spotify.

    8. Because you can get your Martha Stewart on and craft up some fierce decorations.

    9. Because nothing is as personal as a homemade Valentine's Day card.


    Even if you aren't good with crafts, it's pretty easy to make a Valentine's Day card and there are hundreds of tutorials online.

    10. Because you can feel free to use all of the heart emojis at your disposal.

    11. Because you don't really need any additional incentive to eat cupcakes.

    12. Because there are an unlimited number of ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    13. Because a lot of adult toy stores run sales on Valentine’s Day.

    So if you're in the market, then now could be the time to buy!

    14. Because it’s socially acceptable to leave your house draped in pink hearts and flowers.

    15. Because wearing red supposedly boosts confidence and energy.

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    Color therapists claim that red symbolizes “courage, strength, confidence, spontaneity, and determination.”

    16. Because Valentine's Day is a great reason to go out for a fancy dinner.


    17. Or to stay in with a festive bottle of wine.

    18. Because in Finland and Estonia Valentine’s Day is known as “Friends Day.” So this year spend a little extra time showing appreciation for your good friends!


    19. Because pets love Valentine's Day too!

    20. Because there are plenty of reasons to celebrate during the week before Valentine’s Day, starting with Fifty Shades of Grey screenings on Thursday night.

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    Lots of theaters have showings starting at 8 PM on 2/12.

    21. Followed by Galentine’s Day.


    Which takes place the day before Valentine’s Day, and is traditionally a time to get together with your best gals!

    In honor of it's last season, maybe do Friday night Parks and Recreation binge session?

    22. Then, the day after Valentine’s Day, all the candy goes on clearance!

    Flickr: jerdog

    Because there aren't many feelings in this world as awesome as getting a boat load of candy for half of what you would have paid the day before.

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