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22 Reasons Birkenstocks Are The Absolute Best Shoe Ever

This one’s for us millennial hippies!

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I don't get Birkenstocks because I was in high school when they were cool and they remind me of being a nerd. I just don't understand how they made such a comeback so quick.

Miley couldn't be more wrong! Here's why Birkenstocks are totally awesome:


4. But they look best when paired with cute socks, IMO at least…

7. They’re chunky, and look great with skinny jeans.

8. Or any kind of cuffed pant.

9. Or shorts, OMG they look great with shorts!

11. They even come in metallics.

13. They look great on both men and women.

14. And make for an ideal traveling shoe, especially when going through airport security.

Slip them off for the TSA screening, then right back on to walk to your gate. Easy peasy.

16. Like seriously, there's no better feeling in this world than slipping into a pair of Birks after spending the day in heels.

17. They're perfect for wearing around the house.

Say goodbye to your bunny slippers!🐰


22. Even little kids look fashionable wearing Birkenstocks!