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25 Questions Asked During A Weekend At Disneyland Paris

Having grown up in California, I'm no stranger to Disney parks, but during my time at Disneyland Paris I was full of questions.

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1. Is that Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse making the train announcements? 🚉

Mathew Guiver / BuzzFeed

Yes. It was. Not only does Eurostar offer a train that takes you directly from London to just outside the gates of Disneyland Paris, but Donald and Mickey make the announcement when it's time to board.

2. What's Disney EXPRESS?

Mathew Guiver / BuzzFeed

A convenient service allowing you to leave your luggage at the train station and head directly to the park gates. They'll even deliver bags directly to your hotel.

3. Is it going to be raining all day? ☔️

Mathew Guiver / BuzzFeed

It was. Both days that I was at the park in fact. But true Disney fan that I am, a little bit of water and temperatures cold enough so that I could see my own breath weren't going to slow me down.

Fortunately, because it's farther north than both American parks and not as sunny year round, Disneyland Paris did seem to be well-equipped to handle the poor weather. Nearly all attractions have covered lines, and all of the larger attractions at the Studios Park are indoors anyway.


4. Is Nala giving Simba a rimjob?

Mathew Guiver / BuzzFeed

This photo wasn't taken from a misleading angle, I promise you! Right as you enter Disneyland Park there are floral sculptures of various characters including one where Nala is nose deep into Simba's ass.

6. I wonder if the upcoming film is going to be renamed for its European release? 🎥

Disney / Via

Thinking about it helped me pass time while I was waiting in line since I forgot to bring my Kindle and didn't have any international data left on my phone.

7. Why are so many rides in Discoveryland closed?

I'm definitely used to park maintenance as a frequent Disneyland visitor. But compared to other parks it seemed to me that a disproportionately high percentage of the major rides, restaurants, and even random areas at Disneyland Paris were closed for maintenance. I was especially bothered by the fact that the two largest attractions in Discoveryland were both closed at the same time.

Needless to say between the rain and ride closures, the trip to Disneyland Paris was definitely not starting off on a good foot.


8. Why is C-3PO speaking French?

Um, because the park is located in France. Duh.

Going to Disneyland Paris as someone who only speaks English wasn't generally that confusing. Most signs had text in both French and English, and the staff also seemed to speak multiple languages. However, there were definitely instances where the language barrier got the best of me. Like while on Star Tours, when C-3PO and the robot guiding the tour both spoke in French only. It made for a somewhat confusing motion ride.

9. Will I be able to get through that tiny door in order to find my way out of Alice's Curious Labyrinth? 🚪

Even though I had to navigate it in the rain, there's no denying this hedge maze that's unique to Disneyland Paris was pretty fun!

10. Wouldn't it be fun to smoke a bowl with the Blue Caterpillar?

Mathew Guiver / BuzzFeed

A question I've asked myself many times before, but was reminded when I saw him taking a hit from a hookah right before my eyes.

11. What's the largest size those cute Mickey Mouse rain boots come in?

Forty-one, which is a little smaller than the 42 I usually wear in European footwear, but I was in desperate need of water-resistant shoes.


12. Is that lady helping her son pee in the Autopia line?

Yup, she straight up pulled his drawers down for him and looked on while he peed over the edge of an elevated section of the line into the grass below. Oh, and none of my fellow park attendees so much as blinked at the sight of a young boy literally pissing all over their theme park.

13. What's inside that big castle? 🏰

It was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and OMG was it fun. So much better than the Disneyland California ride, which has been overtaken with characters from the movies.

14. Are people allowed to smoke wherever they want? 🚬

According to their website smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas. But people pretty much smoke wherever the hell they want to, even crowded lines. Kinda rude IMO, but the attitude toward smoking is definitely pretty lax in Disneyland Paris.


16. Is Big Thunder Mountain open today?

Mathew Guiver / BuzzFeed

Although it was closed for some reason the first day of my visit, Big Thunder Mountain was indeed running the morning of day two! Another ride that's pretty much identical to its counterparts in other parks, but enjoyable nonetheless.

17. Wait, THAT'S the Indiana Jones ride?

Mathew Guiver / BuzzFeed

Totally different than the indoor ride I was expecting. Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril is a full on roller coaster complete with an inverted loop! 🎢

18. Should I leave the Disneyland park and head over to Walt Disney Studios?

Mathew Guiver / BuzzFeed

It's similar to the question I face whenever I visit Anaheim. To spend all of my time at Disneyland or do a hopper pass so that I visit California Adventure? I'm happy to say that I did hop over to Disney Studios, but will also confess that it was only a few hours before I made my way back to the Disneyland park. Just like California Adventure, there really just isn't as much to do at Disney Studios.


20. Does the Armageddon special effects tour really run off Windows 98?

It would seem so. I got the above shot when the screen displaying English translations starting having technical issues.

22. What are the vegetarian options?

Mathew Guiver / BuzzFeed

Although Paris isn't really known for being a vegetarian-friendly city, I saw options at pretty much every eatery in both parks. Oh, I highly recommend the vegetable voyage at Blue Lagoon. Hella yummy!

24. Is there enough time to go on Pirates of the Caribbean again?

Mathew Guiver / BuzzFeed

Whew, there absolutely was. You know, my weekend at Disneyland Paris started off on questionable terms, but overall it delivered!