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    23 Pictures That Will Make Your Hump Day Infinitely More Enjoyable

    Because camels are more adorable than you probably ever realized.

    1. Praise the Lord, hump day is here!

    2. Meaning after today, you'll be over the week's hump.

    3. Next up: THE WEEKEND!

    4. It's awesome because during the weekend you'll finally get a chance to relax.

    5. Wednesdays are already great because they're hump days, so what could possibly make today any better?

    6. CAMELS!

    7. Camels come in all shapes and sizes.

    8. And colors!

    9. Camels are curious creatures.

    10. And have adorable, often toothy, smiles.

    11. Check out dem teef!

    12. No, I mean REALLY look at them!

    13. Camels are big softies and apparently love kisses from humans.

    14. As well as kisses from other camels.

    15. All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up.

    16. Work that tilt shift.

    17. You don't have to be a lion to roar!

    18. I woke up like this.

    19. Baby camels = cuteness overload.

    20. Why hello there!

    21. See, camels go gray just like us humans.

    22. This camel is your bae.

    23. Laugh it up, honey!

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