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10 Reasons Penny’s Watch From "Inspector Gadget" Was Way Cooler Than The Apple Watch

Go go gadget!

Apple unveiled its new smartwatch this morning, and users on Twitter noticed that the device's features seemed strangely similar to that of a watch from the classic '80s cartoon Inspector Gadget.

gonna be talking on my new apple watch like penny real soon #AppleLive

Sorry #Apple, Penny has been rocking a smartwatch for years... #AppleLive

This isn't a terribly new sentiment, but now that we finally know more about the Apple Watch and its features, it seems like Penny's watch was actually much, MUCH COOLER!

1. First of all, like the Apple Watch, Penny could make calls with her watch.

2. Even video calls!

3. She could sync her watch with her other devices.

4. But unlike the Apple Watch, Penny’s watch has a fucking laser beam!

5. Which can be used to remove whole doors, or to pick any lock.

6. And check out the flashlight feature.

7. Penny's watch could even be used as a tracer!

8. Look how she uses it to precisely locate her uncle.

9. Need to get something metallic from across the room? No problem! Penny's watch has a high-power magnet feature.

10. And best of all, it detects radioactivity!

So what do you think?