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    16 Tips For Rocking SF Pride 2015 Like A Total Pro

    You can party with Ruby Rose. Nuff said.

    1. Hang out with the cast of Orange Is the New Black.

    So maybe not the whole cast, but Laverne Cox is going to be in San Francisco for the unveiling of her wax figure at Madame Tussauds and Ruby Rose is hosting a party at EDEN on Friday night. Perhaps fellow cast members will come support their girls? We can certainly hope!

    2. You don’t need to wait until the weekend. Pride activities start mid week!

    There are ton of things you can do earlier in the week to get in the mood for Pride weekend, like a Pride Comedy Show featuring local Bay Area comics on Wednesday, or a Sex and the City drag show on Thursday night.

    3. The Trans March is a must!

    4. On Saturday, the fun goes down at Dolores Park.

    5. The Pink Party overlaps with the Dyke March and ends super early. As in 8 p.m.

    6. This year’s theme is Equality Without Exception.

    7. There are NEVER enough porta potties so PLAN ACCORDINGLY!

    8. Similarly, ATMs can be unreliable and often attract long-ass lines.

    9. There’s an Elton John sing-along.

    10. Got a sweet tooth? Head to Three Twins for a scoop of "Freedom to Marry Cherry" or "2 Tops Don’t Make a Bottom" ice cream.

    11. There WILL be naked people.

    It's SF Pride. There are always a few naked guys wandering around. Plus, there will be no shortage of topless ladies when the Dykes on Bikes roll through the parade.

    12. If you want to see anything at the parade then you need to show up early.

    13. There are going to be a shit ton of people on BART, all fucking weekend.

    14. There’s a family garden and a queer youth space.

    Not everything at Pride is for mature eyes only.

    15. Local medical marijuana dispensaries have Pride specials on weed.

    16. There’s still time to find a place to stay!